Shroud of Turin Holograms

In 2005 Dr. Soons visited Dutch Holographic Laboratory BV with an exciting idea. He wanted to research if there was 3D information hidden in the image on the Shroud of Turin. Our first test showed there was 3D in the Shroud image. The 3D was hidden in the grey levels of the image. Since than we have investigated the 3D in the different pictures taken from the Shroud. As our base material we used copies of the original Enrie photographs from 1931. These were digitized with a drum scanner. The life size holograms made from the 2D to 3D conversion are on display in Turin, Rome, Jerusalem, Krakow(Poland) and Sacramento(California, USA). A 50×60 cm hologram of the Face of the Shroud is on display in Sint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and in the Basilica of Guadeloupe in Mexico City(Mexico). Later 3D lenticulars were made using the same data that was used for the holograms. You can view the work of Dr. Soons at his website here