The articles on this website consist out of research done by Petrus Soons.

Born in the Netherlands. Studied medicine at the University of Utrecht and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where he graduated as a medical doctor in 1970. Worked as a general practitioner in the Netherlands and in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Founder and Director of an Ultrasound Clinic in Curacao, which gave him the necessary expertise in 3D-imaging. Today he is retired and lives since 9 years with his wife Dalys in Volcan, Panama. His hobby during the last 8 years is making large wood sculptures and in 2009 he sculpted a life-size replica in wood of the “Man on the Shroud” (Jesus Christ), based on his findings during the 3D investigations.


In 2004 he started with his studies of the 3D qualities of the image of Jesus Christ on the Shroud and came up with the idea to produce holograms based on the 3D distance information in the grayscale of the image. He formed a team of experts and they succeeded in creating the first Hologram of the face in 2005, followed in 2006 by new and improved Holograms of the face and also life-size Holograms of the front and the back of the body. The Holograms are unique in the studies of the 3D qualities of the body and confirmed many of the previous findings, but produced also new discoveries including some surprises. The studies are still continuing. The life-size Holograms are now in the Museo della Sindone in Turin and the permanent expositions of the Shroud (Title:”Who is the Man on the Shroud ?”) in Rome, Jerusalem, Curitiba- Brazil and Sacramento, Cal. A Hologram of the face was also placed in a chapel of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

His studies and scientific investigations were presented in many presentations around the world and in august 2008 in Columbus, Ohio, during a Conference for Shroud Scientists and were also shown in some TV-documentaries of the Shroud, like.:“The Fabric of Time” and “The Case for Christ’s Resurrection” by Grizzly Adams (2006) and “The Shroud of Turin” by the Discovery Channel (2008), “He is the Image of the Invisible God-The Shroud of Turin” by Net for God (2010). In november of 2010 Roberto O’Farrill in Mexico produced a documentary of the 3D investigations and this was broadcast in his program “El Pulso de la Fe”.