Exhibition of the Shroud of Turin is back in Sint-Jan. In the Netherlands.

The ambulatory of the Cathedral Basilica of Sint-Jan is from April 24 till August 28, 2016   the setting for an exhibition on the Shroud of Turin. The shroud is a burial cloth with traces of the body of a crucified man. Scientists reconstructed with those traces a lot of suffering. Is this the shroud of Jesus?

For more information checkout: Thuis in het Nieuws (Dutch)

Who is the man on the shroud – a search for clues. In Germany.

Central to this conceived by German Malteserorden traveling exhibition is an over 4 meter true copy of the Turin grave cloth. Steles and picture panels explaining the scientific studies, historical research and the theological perspective.

To date, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMRO) exhibition held at various locations in Germany and 2014 was presented in Carinthia. In Salzburg Archbishop Franz Lackner takes over the patronage and provides its premises in Bishop House (Archbishop’s Palace) available.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

The hologram of the Face of the Shroud of Turin is now permanently installed in the Cathedral of St. Patrick in Midtown Manhattan.  The hologram was donated to the Cathedral by Dr. Petrus Soons.

Who is the man of the shroud? In Krakow, Poland.

The display presents the history of the Shroud of Turin, the latest scientific evidence on the authenticity of the canvas, and its compatability with Gospel records of the Passion of Christ.

International Cultural center Krakow showed the Shroud of Turin exhibition at st. John Paul II center during the world youth days in 2016.

Exhibition in Pontificial Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

For more information checkout Notredame Center (https://www.notredamecenter.org/programs)